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  "Oquirrh is pronounced (oaker)"

In simple terms, "paranormal" refers to events or phenomena that currently lack a scientific explanation. Our focus is not on proving or disproving the existence of ghosts or spirits. Instead, our goal is to seek scientific evidence that can eventually clarify and understand unexplained occurrences. So, paranormal doesn't specifically mean ghosts or hauntings; it's a term used for things that defy our current understanding and await scientific exploration.

Now, that being said...

There are numerous accounts of people experiencing what they believe to be the presence of ghosts or spirits throughout history and across different cultures. Many people believe that ghosts are the spirits of deceased individuals who have not yet passed on to the afterlife. One theory is that these spirits may have unfinished business or an unresolved purpose that keep them connected to the physical world.

Some people report experiencing strange occurrences, such as objects moving on their own or unexplained noises, which they attribute to the presence of ghosts. There are also many reports of people seeing apparitions or feeling a sense of a presence that cannot be explained by natural causes.

Furthermore, there are those who believe that ghosts may be able to communicate with the living, either through direct communication or through paranormal experiences, such as dreams or visions.

While as of yet these experiences cannot be scientifically proven, they are nevertheless powerful and meaningful to those who have experienced them. 

It is possible that ghosts exist in some form or another, and that our scientific understanding of the universe may not yet be able to explain them.

In conclusion, while there may not be concrete scientific evidence to prove the existence of ghosts, there are many personal experiences and beliefs that suggest that they may indeed exist. The existence of ghosts may be a mystery that remains beyond our current understanding, but for those who have experienced their presence, they are very real and impactful.

OMPI aims to collect that missing piece of evidence that will one day explain these events. 

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