OMPI Code of Ethics

Oquirrh Mountain Paranormal Investigators Code of Ethics

All OMPI Investigators and team leaders shall recognize that being a member of the Paranormal Research community carries with it responsibilities, and they shall not only embrace those responsibilities, but also conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and will strive to earn the trust of both current and potential clients as well as the paranormal community as a whole; by training and educating themselves to become an organization that our clients, potential clients, and our community can be confident in.  

All of our members shall therefore conduct themselves with dignity as investigators, researchers, and as citizens of the community, recognizing and accepting that they shall:

Respect and adhere to the laws
Never charge for our services
Exercise professionalism at all times
Exhibit the highest respect for our clients and their property and always conduct investigations within the parameters set forth by our clients
Take pride in themselves and their accomplishments, but never at the expense of demeaning or disrespecting another person or group
Respect all other paranormal groups and organizations, recognizing we are all in search of answers
Accept accountability for all behavior and actions.
Honor all obligations and commitments
Strive to help the paranormal research field become better understood throughout the community by communicating and sharing information and theories
Never be involved in misleading or dishonest activity
Always be available to our clients to assist in any way possible
Always conduct ourselves in accordance with OMPI’s Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines.
Never discuss our clients or cases with anyone outside of the OMPI organization without the expressed written permission of our client.

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