OMPI Code of Ethics

All OMPI Investigators and team leaders shall recognize that being a member of the Paranormal Research community carries with it responsibilities, and they shall not only embrace those responsibilities, but also conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and will strive to earn the trust of both current and potential clients as well as the paranormal community as a whole; by training and educating themselves to continue to be an organization that our clients, potential clients, and our community can be confident in.  

All of our members shall therefore conduct themselves with dignity as investigators, researchers, and as members of the community. Recognizing and accepting that they must follow this code of ethics. 

Respect for clients: We will treat our clients with the utmost respect and sensitivity, recognizing that they are inviting us into their homes or other personal spaces to investigate paranormal activity.

Honesty and integrity: We will always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, both in our investigations and in our interactions with clients, colleagues, and the public.

Professionalism: We will strive to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, including dressing appropriately for investigations and conducting ourselves in a calm and collected manner.

Confidentiality: We will respect the privacy of our clients and keep all personal and confidential information confidential, unless explicitly permitted by the client.

Safety: We will prioritize safety in all aspects of our investigations, including conducting thorough risk assessments before each investigation and taking appropriate safety precautions.

Scientific rigor: We will approach each investigation with scientific rigor, using objective and unbiased methods to gather evidence and draw conclusions.

Respect for the dead: We will always treat the deceased with respect and dignity, refraining from any disrespectful or insensitive behavior.

Respect for the law: We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including obtaining any necessary permits or permissions before conducting investigations.

Continuous learning: We will actively seek out opportunities for continuing education and professional development, in order to improve our skills and knowledge as paranormal investigators.

Accountability: We will take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and be willing to admit mistakes and learn from them.

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