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As OMPI investigates several of Utah’s urban legends, one of the first we wanted to research was Emo’s grave. For generations, teenagers have spooked themselves by visiting Emo’s grave at the Salt Lake Cemetery and playing at what has no validity for the paranormal. In fact, Emo’s grave is nothing but an empty memorial for Mr. Jacob E. Moritz founder of the Salt Lake Brewing Company. Unfortunately, and for no apparent reason Mr. Jacob Moritz’s final resting place has been the target for horror enthusiasts and vandals. Now I can completely understand the intrigue of fans of the spooky due to the stories passed down about Emo…However, the one thing I cannot understand is why one would go to the city cemetery to check out this tale and elect to do the unthinkable and vandalize a grave! Before you decide to horribly disrespect peoples families by doing something so abhorrent as to vandalize tomes and graves please for god’s sake consider this…picture someone from your family making the trip to the cemetery to pay respects and visit lost loved ones just to find their headstones painted, or pushed over, or completely destroyed. Allow me to dispel this ridiculous legend and hopefully end the vandalism. 

Jacob Moritz was a kind man who was an upstanding member of the Jewish community as well as the Salt Lake community as a whole. He started the Salt Lake Brewing Company and it’s been recorded that he owned 36 saloons in Utah. Cheers to Mr. Moritz!

Mr. Moritz passed away in Germany due to illness. His ashes were returned to Utah and interred into his tomb at the Salt Lake City cemetery. Some years later, for unknown reason, his ashes were removed. Yes that’s right, the tomb is empty and has been for quite some time.

Nobody really knows where the stories of “Emo” came from or how they got started. Jacob Moritz was a very successful business man and politician and was anything but evil. So instead of walking around his crypt three times chanting Emo, why don’t you visit the Salt Lake Brewing Company and have a beer and toast to a very reputable and successful business man of Utah’s past?  

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