Ghost Theory


Keep in mind OMPI is evidence based, and the following theories are just that…Theories. To date there is NO evidence that supports any of them.

There is evidence available that we are not alone here, we just don't know for sure what or who is here with us.
Be very cautious of anyone who tells you that they know who is haunting you, at this point there is absolutely no evidence that would support such a claim.  We all want to believe that mom or dad are visiting us, but the truth is we just don't know.  This is what true paranormal investigators are working on, the truth about who is here with us and obtaining the evidence to back it up.

Why do we fear them?
The field of paranormal research has always fascinated me. Of course it hasn't always been known to me by that title. When I was growing up, in a seemingly normal house, with a seemingly normal childhood. My days were not unlike any other child in that era. But night time, that was a whole other story. I would lay awake many nights, frozen in fear. I would often feel a presence in my room, sometimes many of them. I did not know who or what they were, nor did I know why they were there. I never seen them, I just knew that they were there. I could feel them so intensely that I knew exactly where they were standing. Many a night I would lay there trying to muster up the courage to run past them, into the safety of my parent's room. Ghosts were not something that you talked about back then. Most people didn't even admit to believing in them, either because they didn't, or because of an immense fear of them. But why? Why do we fear them? Once curiosity took over my own fear, I began asking myself that question. In fact, you could say that question began to haunt me (pardon the pun). I think that it is likely that this fear is deeply rooted in the many ghost stories, and movies that have been around for many years. Let's face it, most of them are, to say the least, very creepy. But I think that it goes back even further than that, I think that the stories and movies came about to play on the fear that already existed. Near as I can tell, it seems to have begun with religion. Not just the organized religions that we know today. If we go back even further in history, we find that even primitive people believed in one or more Supreme Being. These beings were believed to surround themselves with unseen minions who did their bidding. People were brought up to fear them, because they believed that they were superior, and possessed powers, that could do them great harm if they did not do as they were told. Maybe this came about because they could not be seen, so they just assumed that they were always around, watching and listening. That in and of itself is a pretty scary thought. So what if they simply took a fear that they did not understand, and manufactured a cause that was equal to their fear, in order to explain it. But was there ever really, a reason to fear them? When organized religion came about, the belief in these unseen beings took a more sinister turn. People were told that they were products of the devil. That would take over their bodies, and their lives, if people did not do as they were told. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Doing as you are told. What if all of this fear began with a simple misunderstanding, and ended up as a way to control the masses? Wouldn't we all feel a little silly, if all of this fear came about because someone said "Do as you're told, because I said so!" Not God, but someone who did not possess any more power, or ability than we possess ourselves. Myself, I would much rather try and find out, who, and or what this unseen energy is, before I pass judgment on what their intentions may, or may not be.        Leisa Pardue (OMPI Investigator)

Why are ghosts here? There are several theories on this subject, to date there is no proof that ghosts exist and these are only theories.               
"Fear of Judgment". The theory is that most people in life fear judgment, and after death this fear would be even more intense; let’s face it, if you are a religious person the judgment we face after death is the ultimate. There are no excuses and we are taught that there are retributions. So it would make sense that this would be one reason spirits would choose to stay on this side, given we have a choice.

Non-existence theory: The theory of a non-existence spirit comes from the fear to cross over into another realm after death because it may believe it will cease to exist.  Put yourself in the same position.  You know you exist in the here and now.  You have a sense of being, an awareness if you will.  “To be or not to be”.  We also know living people fear the unknown.  
We can speculate spirits may have fears also.   In theory, remember we take with us who we are.   So if we fear the unknown while alive, wouldn’t we fear the unknown after death?   Would our conscience contain the same fears after death?  Would we fear not being? “To be or not to be”.

Now with that being said; as a paranormal investigator, and I’m happy to say, a proud member of the living.  How do we, the living, understand and comprehend crossing over if we have no idea what it means.  Mainly, because we have not had to cross over yet.  The unknown again.  

Crossing over can mean several different things to several different living people.   If you are a religious person perhaps to cross over means to leave this world, as we know it, and join our lost loved ones in another kingdom. To me crossing over to another sense of being is very possible.  Look at it this way, if the number of people who have died, decided not to cross over don’t you think we would have a lot more collisions between the living and the dead than we are having.

The object attachment theory, this theory is of the line of thinking that the spirit is attached to a person, location, or object.  Emotions are very powerful and love and jealousy are two of the most powerful and tend to go hand in hand. The spirit can be attached due to one or both of these emotions.  Love of a person, location or object and the unwillingness to share or separate would be a powerful force to keep ones spirit here.

The confusion theory is the theory that the spirit is confused due to a sudden and unexpected death and do not realize they are dead or they are confused as to what to do next. 
The confusion theory leads me into the question, why do ghosts cause noises and disruption? Well, try and put yourself in their position, if you were living or staying in a location for whatever reason and everyone not only ignored you, but would look right through you like you didn’t exist, and no matter how loud you tried to speak, or even when you stood right in front of them they still, in your view, ignored you. Wouldn’t you become more and more aggressive in your attempts to get someone to pay attention to you? I know I would.  So an active location does not necessarily mean we are dealing with a malevolent spirit, it may just be trying to get someone, anyone, to pay attention to them.

Unfinished Business Theory: This theory is, the person died an untimely death and was unable to finish something that was a passion for the person while alive and has deemed it impossible to leave incomplete. Or the spirit does not feel they have had enough time in this world and refuses to move on. Another possibility is the spirit has a message for loved ones and refuses to move on until this goal is achieved. 

Investigating the Spirit Presents of our pets:  Truth is, when we do an investigation, we are focused on detecting human paranormal activity. Some of what we consider in order to have the best chance of getting possible data and evidence is...what was, or is their routine? If the client believes that they know the energy, what was their personality like? What were their likes, and dislikes? What can we do to excite them, to make their energy stronger and more detectible? When and where are the clients getting the most activity? In what way are they experiencing the activity? If were to seriously try and detect an animal's presence, I think we would have to use the same techniques but with a twist. We would have to think like the animal. Animals are very routine oriented, much more so than we are. Ok, so here we go! An animal’s energy is strongest when... we leave from, or arrive home after a long period of time away, feeding time, bedtime, waking time, and the most common time of day when we have the most one on one time with them. I think that investigators are not detecting more animal activity, because they are not investigating in the manner that they need to, in order to capture and, detect their activity. Animals are much more subtle creatures than we are, and are certainly not as ego oriented as we are. They simply want to please.  And even though we love our pets dearly, the love they give is much more unconditional than ours is. They want, and expect much less from us than we do from them, or each other. They don't, at least I think they don't, have to eat or be let outside to go to the bathroom anymore. Which means, that most of the reasons they were most obvious and boisterous has been eliminated. That would leave them being content to just be quietly near us. That would make their presence less detectable. They may still appreciate some attention though, so maybe that is something we should consider.  
 Leisa Pardue (OMPI Investigator)

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