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The Knock at the Door
I have had many paranormal experiences over the years but this one has stuck with me for a very long time.  One night I was reading my little sister a book in my bedroom.  She was only 3 years old and was sitting on the bed next to me.  I got the impression that someone knocked on the door to my bedroom but ignored it and continued to read.  My little sister slid off the bed, opened the door, and said, "come in" as if welcoming an old friend into the room. There was nothing outside the door. I got goose bumps all up and down my arms.  She came back to sit on the bed like it was nothing and I was able to relax and finish the story.  I have seen, felt, and heard many things in our home but I'll never forget that one since I wasn't the only one who experienced it. 
Brittany Davis

Dark figure
One day at work I was on one of the computers, and out of the corner of my right eye I saw a dark figure walk towards me, rather rapidly. (I work in a clean room environment and the full body clean suits we wear are called bunny suits). I thought that it was one of the maintenance techs going through the bay, like they usually do, and they wear the dark bunny suits.  Well as I looked to my left no one was there, I looked to my one. So I looked back to my left again, then turned in a full circle and no one was in my bay! I looked across the hall, no one. I went down to the next bay and there was only an engineering tech at the other end. Mind you he was short and wearing a white bunny suit, not the dark ones.

Old New England Estate 
Southeastern Vermont 
Late August 2006 
I have a friend of mine who’s been metal detecting for over 20 years and he’d shown me some interesting artifacts he discovered. Many of the items of were found on an estate in southern Vermont that dated back to the Revolutionary War. 

Both of us are very interested in history, and this expresses itself in his propensity for metal detecting and my interest in the paranormal. 

On a late August night around 11pm, my friend and I were standing around a campfire in his backyard. I had wanted to visit the estate where he discovered most of the artifacts because he told me about being helped along by a ghost when he was metal detecting. This took the form of a helpful hand on his back. 

No way, you’ve been touched?  I said, a little too exuberantly. 

Oh yeah. It was like I was walking in a line of people. I paused a moment, and felt a hand on my back, like it was encouraging me to keep moving. 

My friend isn’t scared of ghosts, but he is very leery. Of course, he is wise to be cautious. When you’ve seen full-bodied apparitions that have spoken to you, ended up in a line of ghostly revolutionary war soldiers, and have been metal detecting and found a ring still attached to skeletal hand and arm--then re-bury it, ring intact he had every right to be wary. 

So, after nagging him for about a year, he finally indulged me, and we hiked down the road and crept up on the big estate during the full moon. 

We stuck to the shadows as we edged up to the well-manicured lawn and looked toward the house an old New England estate that even had a photograph of some Civil War soldiers standing outside the residence hanging in a frame above the fireplace. This photograph could be easily seen I had glimpsed it once during the day if you could get close enough to peek inside the large bay window looking in on the living room. 

I had kept telling my friend that I wanted to run up and look in the window. He said that he didn’t think that this was a good idea. My friend had permission to be on the property to metal detect whenever he wanted, and we weren’t worried about the police arresting us for trespassing as both of us are the trust-worthy sort. 

The house wasn’t abandoned by any stretch of the imagination, though we knew no one was there at the time. Well-taken care of by a caretaker, it was an excellent example of an old New England salt box, with an old red barn on the property. Considering the historical nature of the location and with all the artifacts that had been discovered the place was something we definitely treated with respect. 

We had crept to the edge of a lilac bush, next to a big tree, across an expanse of lawn from the window that I planned to look in. Being a fledgling paranormal investigator at the time, I had a vague realization that this isn’t really how you should do that sort of thing, and wasn’t prepared in the least. 

With this thought in my brain, I made a break for the house. I ran to the northwest corner, and hid in the shadow of a rhododendron from which I could inch my way up and peek in the picture window. 

I moved forward very slowly. The sound of the crickets and other insects was very loud. I got to the edge of the window and put my hand on the frame, pulling myself forward, just wanting to gain enough of an angle where I could see the picture hanging above the mantle. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door. Two solid knocks. I paused, and had the distinct feeling that looking inside the house wasn’t such a good idea. I turned and ran back toward the tree across the open yard to where my friend was standing. 

At the same time I saw a shadow rush out from the door to the barn, which was closed. At the same time, my friend swears he saw a farmer in overalls moving quickly from the barn toward the house, with something like a shovel or axe handle in his hand. By the time I had made it to my friend’s location, the apparition had disappeared. 

We stood underneath the tree, trying to comprehend what had just happened. 
What the hell did you do?  he asked. I had no answer to his question. 
We crept slowly along the edge of the shadows to the road, then walked home. 

Something I have learned is to respect the paranormal. And intent is everything. If we hadn’t been sneaking around like we were, perhaps we would’ve had a completely different experience. My feeling is that we stirred something up, and it reacted to us. 
And, whatever it was, it wasn’t messing around. Instead it appeared to be protecting the location, ensuring that the property was safe from two people who hadn’t made their intent clear. 

In all my years of ghost hunting, this remains one of the strangest and most unsettling experiences I’ve had, and it’s not one I intend to repeat. Now, I go in with an open mind and announce my intentions, ensuring that whatever spirits I encounter don’t misconstrue my curiosity for something else.

Bobby Elgee

The Strange Light
Several years ago when my wife and I were living in an apartment in West Valley, we were sitting in our living room talking, when an overwhelming feeling came over me that someone was about to walk around the corner from the bedroom hallway into the living room, we didn’t hear anything I just knew something or someone was standing just around the corner.  I sat there frozen for a few seconds then I looked at my wife and she was staring into the hallway too, I could tell by the look on her face she had sensed the same thing I had. We sat there and watched as a bright light about three feet off the ground moved around the corner we were both staring at.  It only lasted a few seconds then faded away.
We sat there for what seemed like ten minutes then we both said at exactly the same time, “did you see that?”.   The only way I can describe it is, it was kind of a glowing mist, it was very bright and moved very slowly and it made no sound.  We had never seen it before, and we never saw it again.  Neither one of us felt frightened or threatened.   I don’t have any idea what it was or where it came from.  We never spoke about it to anyone; it has just become one of those “do you remember the time” things.

The Girl In The Rain
On one of our many cruising nights on State Street we decided to go check out the Salt Lake City Cemetery and we parked just inside the entrance. It had been raining on & off all night and was raining when we parked, it was then we both noticed a woman walking along the sidewalk just off to our right in what looked to be early 1900's style clothing. The thing that was creepy about this was her hair was blowing in the wind and her clothes were dry!!, we looked at each other and both said at the same time "We need to leave" I tried starting the car but it was completely dead. We noticed that the woman had gone (or disappeared) and then the car started and we left very quickly.
Dave Ollerton

The Shadow Figure
It must have been in the 1970's that I had my first contact with a ghost. I grew up in Kearns. One night, after going to bed, I noticed a dark figure go into the bathroom which was next door to my bedroom. No light was turned on in the bathroom, and I thought that was strange. The figure then left the bathroom and went into the front room. It again came down the hall and into the bathroom. The dark figure then came out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway of my bedroom. I thought it was my brother David. I turned on the light to see what he was doing. When the light came on, the dark figure "evaporated" and was gone. 
Scott Ollerton 

Shadow Ghosts
 I have an old house and for about the last two or three years (right after my father died) Out of the corner of my eye I always see shadows fly down the hallway. There have been times in my house when people have stopped in the hallway and stared as if trying to see something, because they have seen the shadows too. I don’t know how animals react to the paranormal but my dogs will growl and bark at the corner. 

The Warning
I've lived in this house since 1942, since the day I was born. My father passed away when I was 12, and I had a dream about him being murdered the night before it happened. That was my first experience. 

My father still contacts me almost every day. As do all of my family members that have perished. I dream about a persons death the night before it happens. My family members still contact me although their time on earth is finished. 

One particular day was the most frightening experience. I was around the age of 14, when I was just getting used to my special abilities, my diseased uncle appeared in my doorway right before I went to sleep. He proceeded to slowly walk towards me and whispered something into my ear. He told me to stay away from Regina. I hadn't met a Regina at the time but I always held on to that peace of information. 

Then one day at the supermarket, when I was about 17, there was a lady there who must have been about the same age as me. Well she came up and introduced herself as being Regina, and told me she had just moved here from Ohio. She asked me for some directions when I remembered my uncle's words. I immediately left the supermarket, and the next morning read about six stabbings that happened in that store not 20 minutes after I left. I have no doubt in my mind that it was Regina, and that I would've been one of her victims if I hadn't left. 

A Motel Experience I will Never Forget
I have never really experienced anything paranormal in my life, but this past weekend something happened I will never forget.  My friend from New York was coming to visit me in Pennsylvania, where I currently reside.  We were looking forward to a nice weekend together, but things became very weird fast.  He stayed at a motel down the road from where I live and his first day after check-in it started with a really bad smell in his room and he could not distinguish what it was.  Then a towel in the bathroom was totally covered in feces after he used it on his face.  Well when he told me this story, we both thought a sick twisted person did this, but then realized when other things started to happen, it was something else we could not explain.  He swore that the towel was fine when he used it on his face and noticed the mess a few hours later. After this weird occurrence, a few hours later on in the day, he was on the phone with a friend from New York sitting on the bed and he heard women's high heel shoes clicking on the bathroom floor back and forth, then the door knob started rattling violently and he thought someone was trying to break into his room, he got up and screamed "wrong room"  the door started to open and keep in mind you need a master key in a motel to get a locked door open.  The door opened a little and he walked over, opened it up and stepped into the hallway and nothing was there.  He proceeded to go back into his room and talk to his friend and locked the door again.  The door knob started shaking violently again and opened up after he locked it, he went to the door again and yelled "wrong room", he opened the door and nobody was in the hallway.  Needless to say, he was freaked out by all of this.  He went back into the room to talk to his friend and it happened again, he yelled very loudly "wrong room, dammit"  then he heard a very loud slap on the door like a hand smacked the door in anger. He called hotel security and they ca
 me to this room, they told him there was no way the door could open without a master key and that there was nobody in the hallway.  He demanded that they give him another room on a different floor.  He got a new room on the first floor.  Everything was fine in the afternoon, I visited him in his room and there was no smell and everything was normal.  He had a nice evening out together and he went back to the second room.  When he got into the room the same distinct smell was back and he felt uneasy.  The radio on the desk next to the bed was making static noises even though it was not turned on.  He decided not to undress for the night just in case he had to make a dash out of there.  He sat on his bed listening for anything, just as the thought entered his mind about what happened the day before, the door knob starting shaking violently on the new room's door.  He jumped up and went to open the door, opened it and there was nobody in the hall.  He then went back inside and 
 locked the door.  It started to happen again, at this point he was so frightened he called me on the phone and begged me to sleep on my floor in my house.  I told him I would be right over and to meet me outside the hotel.  He demanded that I come into his room and meet him there.  He was so scared he wanted to wait in the hall with the door opened.  I met him in his room, the room smelled so bad, I noticed it right away and I did not like it.  I told him let's get out of this place. He wanted to show me what happened with the door; well he described the door and showed me how it happened.  He closed the door and started packing his stuff, as he was doing this, I just stood staring at the door knob, as I stood there looking at it, it starting shaking violently like someone was desperate to get it open.  I could not believe my eyes.  He was so glad I was there to witness what he had been experiencing. Between the smell and the door knob shaking I had enough and wanted out.  I
  told him to get his stuff fast and for us to get out of there.  He dropped off his key at the desk and told the girl behind desk that he could not stay there anymore and we ran out.  He did not even care about his refund for the 2 days he did not stay there.  It just seemed like every time the smell appeared that's when things started happening.  I honestly to not know what to make of all of this.  I am a rational person and even though I believe in the paranormal I was trying to rationalize all the experiences from the weekend. Maybe it all has a simple explanation, I do not know, but it was the craziest things I ever seen or heard about.

A visitor I didn't care to meet
When I was seventeen, my family and I were moving out of our house in Magna.  It was a bit of a hectic move because I had to pack around my school and work schedule meaning a lot of my packing was done late at night and early in the morning so the night this event took place I was really tired.  It was the last night of moving and we only had a few more items to move.  It was around three in the morning and I was the only one in the house to finish some basic cleaning and to make sure we didn't miss anything.  I was sitting on the stairs that led into the basement waiting for my mom to come back so she could pick me up when I heard a faint noise.  I thought maybe I had dozed off and imagined it so I didn't think too much of it.  A few minutes later I heard the noise again and this time I was positive that I was awake.  I began to listen to see if that sound would occur again.  Within almost an instant the sound returned but this time it was louder.  It
  was like someone had left the T.V. on and all you could hear was the static.  The sound didn't go away this time and it just kept getting louder and other noises were rising up from the basement at the same time.  They would start off faint and break at intervals but they would continue to grow louder and louder.  It was like there were twenty people downstairs watching T.V. and talking. 

    I never went to the basement often in the last few years because my grandma had died down there in front of me so I avoided going down there at all cost.  But even though I didn't go to the basement often, I knew that nothing and no one was down there.  I continued to listen to the noise, positive that I might be losing my mind when the noise stopped suddenly.  I was just about to gather some courage to walk down the stairs when i heard a faint thud.  I stopped in my tracks and pressed my ear against the basement door.  I heard the sound of footsteps walking around the basement.  The sound would stop then start then stop then start.  I was terrified.  I was frozen in place.  The footsteps sounded like they were getting closer and I could almost hear the sound of breathing.  They stopped again and I thought maybe they weren't going to start again, but then the doorknob started to turn.  I didn't even think about waiting to see what was on the other side of the door.  I ran
  up the stairs as fast as I could go and out the door.  My mom found me sitting across the street on the curb.  
   I've never been positive if I had just imagined the encounter, but to this day if I'm ever in Magna I take great pains to avoid that house.


The Intruder
I used to have a basement office in my previous house. I'd work on my computer while everyone else was away at school and work. The house, which was only about 15 years old, was generally quiet, especially in the basement.  
One morning, I heard the front door close and someone walk across the floor. This was in the room above me. This creeped me out because I knew that I was the only one with the keys to that locked door. I could only suspect that I had an intruder. I searched all over the house and found no one. The door was still locked, and the vacuum lines were still on the carpet with no foot imprints. 
Side Note: My wife at the time had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). She used to vacuum as a hobby, or so I would say. We had green carpet. If you walked on it after it had been vacuumed, it left an imprint. The imprints used to drive my wife nuts as if it were dirt or something. She vacuumed up all the imprints, leaving lines behind where the vacuum had been. She used to scold us for leaving imprints in the carpet. She was tough to live with, but her OCD left me with an indicator if anyone had been there.
I went back to work with my nerves in tangle. The same thing happened another day: I heard the sounds, searched the house, no imprints in the carpet, no one present. The third time I heard the sounds, I decided not to search the house. I was busy and knew I wasn t going to find anyone. My nerves were in tangle. I finally started giving the noise maker a name. I called it Eggbert. I yelled to Eggbert to knock it off. I never heard those sounds again. 


The Farm House
Many years ago I stayed on an old farm in Somerset in England. The farm house had twenty two rooms in all.
I went to bed about 11pm. The month was November and the wind was blowing across the landscape and I found my bed to be very cold. The hours ticked by and I couldn't sleep.
At some point I heard someone come in down stairs. I heard them coming up the stairs next to my bedroom. I could hear a jangling of keys and heavy footsteps passed my door. The footsteps seemed to fade away, I didn't hear another door open or close. This must have been after 1am in the morning.

I got up the next day and went downstairs. The farmer’s wife made me a coffee . And to make conversation I told her about what I had heard the night before. I asked if it had been her husband and she replied that he had gone to bed at 10pm as he had to get up very early to do the milking.
It was more than likely to have been Mathew. I didn't think this odd as I had been told they often had grooms staying to deal with the horses. But then she told me he had lived on the farm over a hundred years ago and had been hung for sheep stealing on an old walnut tree near the cow sheds!
Over the many years I stayed on the farm I witnessed many strange things such as heavy objects that would jump on your bed at night to phantom cats and to the very real looking farmer who would walk across the garden and disappear 
I was told he was an omen of ill for the farm every time he was seen.

The family who owned the farm have now gone into spirit themselves. The house still stands but now it is used as offices and sells farm equipment.

The Little Girl
Up until I was about five years old we lived in a house that was built around the 1940s. My mother was positive there was some sort of ghost living in our house. The doorbell would ring in the middle of the night, every night. Me and my sisters toy bear would go off in the middle of the night saying "peekaboo I see you" among our other toys. My mother would walk into her bedroom and the bed would be in the middle of her bedroom. One day I walked into my bedroom and saw a little girl sitting in my rocking chair. She had red curly hair and was wearing a green dress. She was just sitting there reading a book. I asked my mother "why is there a little girl in my rocking chair"? After that my mother couldn't handle it. She bought crosses and put them up all over the house. She would tell the ghost to go away. After a while weird things stopped happening. We assumed the ghost went away. We moved out shortly after that, but I still wonder if that little ghost girl is still in my old house. I guess I'll never know. But the odd thing was that the ghost didn't give me any bad vibes. Maybe she was just a child that died way too young.

My Friend
In June 1995, early on a Sunday morning in Metrowest Massachusetts (est.7pm) an apparition of an acquaintance who had died of cancer about 2mos prior--"walked" into my bedroom via the door. The door swung open, she looked just like her real live self, dressed in a bathrobe with a scarf on her head, smiled at me, walked to a corner of the room, shook out & folded a duvet that had been tossed on the floor. She reached under my head and shoulders and half-lifted me as she slid the folded quilt under me--and let me down gently. I fell full asleep and woke up some 3 hours later (just about noontime) thinking I had imagined it all. But I did find that duvet on my bed, under my head and shoulders. This person had never visited my house, although we knew each other about 7 years from a social group.

So I've always been able to see spiritual entities, and recently there's been one following me around. It is extremely large and cloaked in white. I can only see it when I pass objects I can see my reflection in. This story is quite short, but this being also messes up emotions in my house. Yes, sounds crazy I know. But every time I see it, I suddenly feel fear and depression, as weird as it sounds. This thing makes me hallucinate and I don't know what it is.

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